enjoying the simple pleasures of life

no one could notice how rich she was

never had carried about money

not even with material stuff

such as gold and silver jewelery,

the ones people say it´s chic to have 

how full they were,

she could never play that roll,

for sure the pretty woman always would prefer 

an intern joke,

nights in bars

or a simple road trip to stick on her heart,

 her brain

and even on her soul!

the kind of moments only camera shoots could luckly get

how dare she, 

putting herself against everyone,

just to find the happiness which for long time

was trapped into human luxury 

or could she prefer call it sickness?

she was just trying to find her own cure,

the one she found

in the sea,

the high 

the north and the south

a strenght of nature,

a girl who has hunger to live.


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